Laboratory Consumables

Not everything is built to last. Certain consumable supplies need to be replaced on a regular basis. From gloves, to chemicals, to filter paper, Lab Society has you covered when it comes to lab consumables. Stay on top of your maintenance schedule, and keep your laboratory in peak shape.

Everything you need to keep your lab running.

Lab Society offers a wide array of important materials for carrying out experiments and production runs.
  • PFPE Vacuum Grease from Apiezon - Buy Online at Lab Society

    Apiezon PFPE 501 Grease, 100g

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  • Lab Society Structured Glass Packing - Buy Laboratory Glassware Online

    Structured Glass Packing

    from: $40.00
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  • C-Beads from ColumboLabs - Buy Online


    from: $24.99
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  • C-Bleach Bleaching Clay Powder from ColumboLabs - Buy Online


    from: $99.99
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  • Buy MagSil-PR - Activated Magnesium Silicate Online from Lab Society


    from: $224.99
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  • D-Gum - Degumming Enzyme Powder from ColumboLabs - Buy Online


    from: $79.99
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  • Where to Buy Activated Charcoal Powder, Reagent Grade, Online

    Activated Charcoal/Carbon Powder, Reagent Grade, 500g

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  • Buy Branson General Purpose Solution Online

    Branson General Purpose Solution

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  • Buy Diatomaceous Earth Online from Lab Society Chemical Supplies Denver

    Diatomaceuos Earth

    from: $15.00
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  • DuoSeal Pump Oil (Welch) - Buy DuoSeal Online from Lab Society

    DuoSeal Pump Oil (Welch)

    from: $25.50
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  • Buy Filter Paper Online - Lab Nerd

    Filter Paper, Lab Nerd

    from: $10.00
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  • Qualitative Filter Paper - Shop Online

    Filter Paper, Qualitative

    from: $10.00
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Lab Consumables