Laboratory Tools & Accessories

It's easy to overlook the smaller products that keep a healthy laboratory operating smoothly. That's why we've collected a wide selection of laboratory tools & supplies that will serve as the glue that holds your essential lab components together.

Keep it compatible.

Where possible, we've cross-referenced products with kits and other compatible items, so you can see at a glance which products go with each other!

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Laboratory tools to get the job done, without interruption.

Laboratory tools are as essential as any other piece of equipment used in a lab. Common tools include: ultrasonic cleaners, cleaning brushes, vacuum gauges, drying racks, filter adapters, and much more.

Without the correct lab tools in place, you can easily find yourself in a situation where you can’t complete a production run. Often it’s the easy-to-miss items and tiny details that can unexpectedly stop an otherwise smoothly-running laboratory in its tracks.

Lab tools will consist of anything that is not directly part of a system, such as: a heat gun, adapters, clamps, stir bars, heaters, chillers and so on.

We strongly advise that every lab have a strong tool chest of equipment in case of (unforeseen) problems, just as a mechanic has a tool chest on hand to tackle a wide range of potential issues.

Buy tools before you need them.

Chemistry labs should be well-stocked with extra equipment and spare parts ready to go. That way you can solve common problems as they arise. Don’t let one missing component compromise your entire lab, costing you time and money!