Essential Laboratory Tools

It's easy to overlook the smaller products that keep a healthy laboratory operating smoothly. That's why we've collected a wide selection of laboratory tools & supplies that will serve as the glue that holds your essential lab components together. Where possible, we've cross-referenced products with kits and other compatible items, so you can see at a glance which products go with each other!
  • Digital Balance - Buy Scales Online from Lab Society, backed with our Price Match Assurance.

    Digital Balance – OHAUS Scout (NTEP)

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  • Shop Industrial Rotary Dryers and Drum Dryers Online at Lab Society

    Rotary Dryer – 20 Gallon

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  • Weighing Balance - Pioneer Gold - Buy Ohaus Scales Online from Lab Society, backed by our Price Match Assurance.

    Weighing Balance – OHAUS Pioneer Gold (NTEP)

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  • Buy a Rocketbook - Everlast - Special Edition Online from Lab Society.

    Rocketbook Everlast, LS Edition

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  • Buy a digital vacuum gauge and thermocouple vacuum monitors online from Lab Society.

    Precision Vacuum Monitor

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  • Buy a KF(NW) Adapter from PTFE Online at Lab Society.

    KF(NW) Adapter, Inner PTFE

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  • Buy a lattice rack online, to support your valuable glassware and add structure to your lab. Only at Lab Society.

    Lattice Rack Kit

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  • True Terpenes for Sale Online - We have supplies for all your terpene extraction needs, backed by our price match assurance.

    True Terpenes Strain Profiles

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  • Buy a Glass Thread Adapter Online from Lab Society

    Glass Thread Adapter

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  • Flexible Stainless Steel Hose Bellow

    Flexible Stainless Steel Hose Bellow

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  • Buy a KF(NW) Manual Angle Valve Online from Lab Society - Short Path Distillation & Extraction Equipment and Supplies

    KF(NW) Manual Angle Valve

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  • Aluminum Vacuum Clamp

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