Sometimes Things Get Complicated...

Accidents happen. We get it. We want your lab to be as robust as possible, and we want to reduce downtime in your operations. We've made every piece of glass we offer available as a replacement part, so you can make sure that your kits and systems are always working at 100% capacity. We recommend buying a spare of any essential piece of glassware, so you don't lose days of laboratory usefulness while waiting for a replacement lab glass component to arrive! This section is for all of our original, patent-pending, American-made Lab Society glassware.
  • Buy a Dual Inline Cold Trap Kit Online from Lab Society - Your source for American-made lab supplies.

    Dual Inline Cold Trap Kit

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  • Buy a Vertical Cold Finger Condenser Online from Lab Society

    Vertical Cold Finger Condenser

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  • Buy a Distillation Receiver Adapter Online from Lab Society

    Distillation Receiver Adapter

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  • Thermowell Thermocouple Adapters - Buy Online from Lab Society

    Thermowell Thermocouple Adapter

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  • Buy an Allihn Condenser (BulbStyle) online from Lab Society.

    Allihn-Style High-Efficiency Condenser

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  • Buy a Liebig Condenser (Vacuum Jacketed) online from Lab Society.

    Liebig Condenser – Vacuum Jacketed

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  • Buy an Inline Dual Distribution Adapter Online from Lab Society

    Dual Distribution Adapter

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  • Buy a Liebig Condenser online from Lab Society

    Liebig Condenser

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  • Buy an Inline Single Distribution Adapter Online at Lab Society

    Single Distribution Adapter

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  • Buy a graduated round bottom receiver (multiple sizes) online from Lab Society.

    Graduated Round Bottom Receiver

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  • Silvered Distillation Head - 34/45 - Buy Online from Lab Society

    Silvered High Efficiency Distillation Head – 34/45

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  • Buy a Biomass Flask (5L) online from Lab Society's Lab Equipment Store

    Biomass Flask, 5L

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