Lab Society Glassware

Accidents happen. We get it. We want your lab to be as robust as possible, and we want to reduce downtime in your operations. We've made every piece of glass we offer available as a replacement part, so you can make sure that your kits and systems are always working at 100% capacity.

American-made, top-tier glassware.

We recommend buying a spare of any essential piece of glassware, so you don't lose days of productivity while waiting for a replacement lab glass component to arrive! This section is for all of our original, patent-pending, American-made Lab Society glassware.

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Parts for Short Path Distillation, Rotary Evaporation, & More

Every day, we hear from customers who’ve put our glassware to the test.

Sometimes people leave their systems running nearly 24 hours a day.

We understand that in a professional laboratory, maximizing your investment is one of the most critical components of success. For many people, your laboratory is either making you money or it’s costing you money, and any downtime could potentially cause serious problems.

That’s why we’ve built an extensive catalog of replacement lab glassware.

We’ve taken great care to make sure that our lab glass is of the finest quality available, and we’ve stress-tested it all to ensure that it will continue to function in the most demanding lab settings.

Even still, there are any number of reasons why you may need replacement lab glassware, so we’ve included every component of our flagship kits here.
Lab Glassware Repair or Replacement
In some cases, broken or damaged equipment may be covered under warranty. If your situation entitles you to replacement parts for laboratory glassware, please read the FAQ to find out if you are covered or not. When in doubt, give us a call!