Chemicals and Solvents

This section is for those maintenance-related solvents, chemicals & products, without which no laboratory would be complete. For proper maintenance procedures, always consult the manuals that come with your Lab Society purchases.

Solvents are useful for dissolving solutes. Usually a liquid (or gas, solid, or supercritical fluid), they dissolve solutes placed within, making them extremely useful in many common laboratory processes. They can be either polar or non-polar, and each product we carry has different abilities and uses depending on its chemical structure and polarity.

In practical terms, solvents can great for cleaning, biomass extraction, winterization, rotary evaporation, reactions and more.

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Reagents, solvents and catalysts they are the key building blocks for the successful operation of any laboratory. Without these critical elements, achieving the desired product would be nearly impossible.Reagents are compounds that are usually added to solvents in conjunction with a catalyst. The combination of these forces at play speeds up the chemical reactions that alter the molecular structure of various substances.

Necessary to properly run your lab.

Chemicals such as these are of the utmost importance in a functioning laboratory. Without having the proper precursors, it would be unreasonable to expect to perform a production or research run properly.

It is essential to maintain a supply of various essential chemicals in your lab, depending on the specific results you are trying to achieve. Some solvents will not naturally dissolve certain compounds (due to polarity or other reasons), making the right chemicals one of the most important components for achieving a desired result.

Keep chemicals in stock; store them properly.

Because your systems and results are so directly tied to these products, it’s important that you always have the required chemicals on hand, and that you store them properly at all times.

Avoid production delays.

Production can quickly grind to a halt if you do not have the required chemicals in stock.

In addition, Lab Society also offers various solvents even though they may not be shown here. If you’re not sure how much solvent you need for your lab, or if you don’t know which grade of purity you should use for your lab, please give us a call.