Clearance and Sale Items

Occasionally we'll have extra stock of some of our catalogue, or we'll have leftover older models after we release an updated product line. Rather than let these perfectly good items go to waste, we created a clearance section for the bargain hunters out there.If you're looking for the absolute best deals on cheap laboratory equipment, you've come to the right place.

We also occasionally offer some of our premium items at a sale price, so keep your eyes peeled for unexpected gold!

Savings without a downside.

These brand-new products are still up to Lab Society's strictest standards, and the items themselves are not compromised or damaged in any way. Shop confidently, and happy hunting!
  • Buy a Short Path Distillation Head Online | Purchase a Short Path Head

    Short Path Distillation Head

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Packable Distillation Head - Buy Online from Lab Society

    Packable Distillation Head

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Buy Multi Distribution Adapter Online from Lab Society | A trusted distribution adapter source

    Multi Distribution Adapter

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  • Buy a Single Distribution Adapter (Short Path) Online from Lab Society

    Single Distribution Adapter

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  • Thermocouple Adapter - Buy Thermocouple Adapters Online

    Thermocouple Adapter

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  • Boss Head Clamp (Right Angle) - Buy Online from Lab Society

    Boss Head (Right Angle)

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  • Chemical Storage Cabinet - Buy Online from Lab Society

    Chemical Storage Cabinet

    Sold Out
  • Buy Filter Adapters Online from Lab Society Denver

    Filter Adapters

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  • Buy glass flasks online from Lab Society Glassware

    Glass Flask – Economy

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Stirring Rod - Buy Online from Lab Society Scientific Glassware

    Glass Stirring Rod

    Sold Out
  • Krytox Grease - Buy Online from Lab Society

    Krytox High Vacuum Grease GPL-207

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  • Buy a Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever Online from Lab Society

    Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever

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