Chromatography is a method of separating a mixture. The mixture is dissolved in a gas, solvent, or water (called the mobile phase), and it is carried through a column, tube, plate, or sheet (called the stationary phase). Different components of the mixture will separate faster or slower when they contact the stationary phase.

The two major types of chromatography are preparative and analytical. Preparative chromatography is used to separate a mixture into its individual components, which will be used later. This is often referred to as purification. Analytical chromatography is usually done on a smaller scale to separate a mixture so that it's components can be analyzed and measured.

We carry a variety of chromatography systems for different levels of throughput and purification techniques. We also carry all the ancillary equipment needed such as solvents, medias, and replacement columns. Whether you are trying to analyze specific components of a mixture, or prepare large scale solutions for purification, we have a chromatography solution for your facility.

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