Cannabis / Hemp Isolation

When a cannabinoid is isolated, it is in its purest form. Isolation is often associated with the cannabinoid CBD and other minor cannabinoids.


CBD isolate is used for herbal supplement and end-product applications

THC Remediation

THC, heavy metal, pesticide, and color remediation


Preparation into tinctures, topicals, vaporizer cartridges, water-solubles, and other consumer focused end-products


Crude oil is extracted directly from plant material


Precipitation of inactive compounds

Filtration & Color Remediation

Removal of unwanted compounds and refinement of cannabis extract

Solvent Recovery

Reclaim solvent to perform further extractions, winterization, or other post-processing techniques


Polish and activate crude oil for further refinement


Purification into a highly concentrated and refined cannabinoid oil

Isolation Solutions


The SR100 and SR200 316L stainless steel reactors from Across International are a great choice for a variety of processing applications such as decarboxylation, crystallization, or winterization.

Each reactor is available with an electric or pneumatic stirring motor, and they include a fluid jacket for temperature control as well as a vacuum jacket for insulation. They also include a high-surface-area tube and a shell heat exchanger.

  • Capacity

    100L or 200L

  • Stirring Motor

    Electric or Pneumatic


Cascade Sciences’ Filter Reactor Packages are available in 20L and 50L sizes. They are an all-in-one filter reactor package for isolate production.

The adjustable height and maximum stir bar coverage allow for maximum isolate yield.

  • Capacity

    20L or 50L

  • Ancillaries Included

    Vacuum Pump & Temperature Control


The Condry is a bottom-agitated conical vacuum dryer from Heinkel.

The agitator provides uniform mixing of the material inserted without forming lumps or balls, thus eliminating having to chop up the material to aid in the drying process.

  • Operation Type

    Continuous Conical Vacuum Dryer

  • Compliance

    cGMP & FDA 

CBD Isolation

Isolation in cannabis processing usually refers to the isolation of the cannabinoid CBD. When isolated, CBD becomes a 99% pure, white powder that can then be used for a variety of medicinal and pharmaceutical applications.

CBD Isolate

CBD “isolate” as it is commonly known, is a highly purified substance that makes dosing quite simple, as there are no other cannabinoids that need to be accounted for in the mixture.

Isolation of other cannabinoids is also possible. Another cannabinoid that is often isolated in a similar manner to CBD, is CBG. CBG isolate has a very similar appearance to CBD but has some different medicinal properties that may be more useful than CBD isolate. Overall, almost any cannabinoid can be isolated to a high-purity form, although it is difficult to stabilize many of the cannabinoid isomers.

How to Make CBD Isolate

CBD isolate requires crude oil that already has high CBD content. This crude oil must be fully winterized, and have all contaminants and unwanted compounds fully removed. Once this is done, the crude oil must be distilled to create high potency CBD distillate. This CBD distillate is then used for the main isolation procedure.

To fully isolate CBD, a crystallization procedure must be performed on the CBD distillate. This entails using a solvent to saturate the CBD distillate. This super-saturated mixture is heated and stirred and then allowed to cool. The change in temperature and agitation forces nucleation of the cannabinoids and begins to crystallize the CBD in the mixture.

The excess solvent and non-crystallized cannabinoid mix (known as mother liquor) is drained and the process is repeated until all non-CBD cannabinoids are shed from the crystalline structure. The final product is a 99% pure, white powder known as CBD isolate.