Lab Society is a Proud Sponsor of IRIS

IRIS (or Illinois Robotics in Space) is a UIUC initiative promoting robotics programs designed for space. Lab Society is a proud sponsor, and we’re thrilled to see what these incredible young minds have achieved.

IRIS is a fully student-run organization, focused on creating innovate and efficient rovers that they used to compete in the NASA Lunabotics Competition at the Kennedy Space Center. The students were up against some of the premier engineering schools in the country.

The focus of this specific competition was to mine an approximation of the lunar terrain, to obtain valuable “regolith” about a foot beneath the surface that could potentially be used for construction. NASA believes competitions like this are a conduit to refresh their ideas of what a rover can be, while scouting for possible future recruits.

The students of IRIS have successfully created a fully autonomous, two-rover system. Each rover is in constant communication with one another, maximizing their mining capabilities while keeping production and maintenance costs at a minimum.

At Lab Society, we’re always looking for exciting scholastic sponsorship opportunities in science and chemistry.

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Lab Society is a Proud Sponsor of IRIS - Illinois Robotics In Space

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