G3 / G3x Benchtop Short Path Distillation Systems

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G3/G3x Benchtop Short Path Distillation Systems

G3 20L Short Path Distillation Kit

G3 System Features

G3/G3x Benchtop Short Path Distillation Systems

The 20L G3 system features a single-headed full bore configuration with a silvered 60mm bore distillation head (LS-PDH-6) and 45mm discharge port for maximum throughput. Full bore systems promote molecular flow conductivity under high vacuum, which helps decrease pressure within the system as well as at the pump.

Vapor throughput is better than ever before, with impressive flow rates during main body fractions (explore each model for detailed specifications). We've also achieved significant reductions in operating temperatures across the board.Silvering on the inside of the vacuum jacketed distillation heads greatly improves the system's thermal efficiency. This (coupled with the new full bore design) decreases boiling temperatures by up to 20-40°C and vapor temperatures by 10-40°C, depending on system volume, material contents, and operational parameters.

The increase in throughput and efficiencies are allowing users to experience higher potencies, due to product having less residence time in the system.

G3 Improvements & Features

System is fully peer-reviewed with certifications on electrical parts:

  • CSA listing on heating mantles
  • QPS listing on temperature controllers

Single head version includes a 60/50 joint for the PDH-6, Two-Piece Silvered, Packable Distillation Head - boasting high-speed flow rates and lower boiling/vapor temperatures

  • Pinched thermocouple adapter for easier removal of probe from distillation head
Packable Distillation Head

Condenser/collection upgrades:

  • Custom cut ground glass drip tips on all G3 condensers are now standard, eliminating grease contamination
  • Condenser drip tips are aligned precisely with distribution receiver (swing arm) collection port
  • All collection port joint sizes increased to 29/42 (29mm) joints for clog reduction
  • Condenser lengths extended to increase surface area of condenser and allow for larger collection flask sizes (up to 12L)
  • Optimized Volume-to-Surface-Area Ratio from column to condenser
  • O-Ring Connection for quick greased/greaseless connection
Condenser upgrades Condenser upgrades

Aluminum-reinforced Silicone Base for mantle increases stability, dampens vibration, and provides proper alignment to system

Mantle Stand Assembly

Improved glassware connections with KF25 vacuum ports and clamps no more hose clamps and barbs, minimizes vacuum leaks

Vacuum Connection

Take the new G3 Series to the next level with G3x

Innovation is at the heart of G3X.

Innovations on the G3X systems include angled vacuum take-off valves - at both the swing arm collection port (primary) and the secondary collection port - giving users the ability to isolate collected fractions, collect larger volumes, and collect a virtually unlimited amount of fractions.

These valves are very different from other isolation valves on the market, as they are not present in the vapor path. Instead, they are located below the collection outlet.

Additionally, the G3X systems include a primary/secondary condenser setup, giving you the ability to run jacketless condensers or hot condensers for additional separation. The liquid-cooled secondary condenser (LS-A90-VC45) replaces the air condenser on previous full bore systems, providing more surface area and the ability to cool the finger to a desired temperature.

G3X Features:

  • Secondary Cold Finger Condenser (LS-A90-VC45) for use with jacketless condenser, hot condenser, or high efficiency fraction collection within the system.
  • Angled Isolation Valves:
    • Inline distribution adapter (swing arm/primary collection) valve with vacuum release for unlimited fraction collection.
    • Distribution receiver (secondary collection) valve with vacuum release for unlimited fraction collection.

System Overview

G3 5L Short Path Distillation System

G3 Systems include:

  • Heating Mantles
  • Stirring Motor and Digital Controller
  • Precision Temperature and Vacuum Control/Monitoring
  • Silvered, High-Flow Distillation Head
  • Mantles, Controllers, and American-made Glassware that meets ASTM specification E438, type 1, class A, Kimble Kimax or Schott Duran Glass

G3X Systems include all of the above plus the following upgraded glassware:

  • LS Jacketless Condenser
  • LS 90° Adapter with Vertical Condenser
  • LS Swing Arm with Angled Take-Off Valve
  • LS Distribution Adapter with Angled Take-Off Valve


Optional Addons

  • Modular Condenser Kit (MCK)
  • Hot Condenser Mantle Kit (HCK)

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G3 Short Path Distillation Kit


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G3 5L, G3 12L, G3 20L Short Path Distillation System