1. Which Pump Should I Use?

    Vacuum Filtration (Low Vacuum)

    Single Funnels/Small Applications: Welch 2019
    Multiple Funnels/Manifold System: Welch DryFast 2014, 2037, 2047

    Rotary Evaporation (Low to Medium Vacuum)

    Small to Medium-Sized Systems: Welch DryFast 2014, 2032, 2042
    Medium to Large-Sized Systems: Welch DryFast 2042, 2052, 2062, 2163

    Distillation (High Vacuum)

    2L Distillation Systems: Welch DuoSeal 1400, Chemstar 2070, CRVpro 4, Edwards RV3, RV5
    5L Distillation Systems: Welch DuoSeal 1402, Chemstar 2070, CRVpro 8, Edwards RV5, nXDS10iC

  2. How Much Crude Oil Can I Load into the Short Path System?

    We do not recommend filling any of our units with over 50 percent capacity of the boiling flask.  This is to avoid boil-overs, bumping, and to give adequate head-space for reaction.

  3. What Sizes of Vacuum Hosing do I Need and What Comes with What Kit?

    Our standard vacuum hosing is ¼ inch ID and works well with all of our Short Path Systems except the new packable heads. Additionally All Kits come with larger ½ in ID Braided PVC Hosing For connection to large ports on vacuum pumps.  The PDH-1 has ⅜ inch ID hose connections.

  4. Do I Need any Specific Adapters for the New Packable Heads?

    Yes, you need to either purchase a 19/22 adapter to use a thermocouple probe for a Vapor Monitoring Kit or use a hollow stopper to seal the vacuum at the top of the distillation head. The old adapters for every other head (V1/ V1 Silvered, V2/ V2 Silvered ) utilize a 10mm joint size, which is a more narrow fitting due to the lack of necessity of filling them with packing material.

  5. What are the Differences Between the Precision and Standard Short Path Kits?

    There are a number of important differences between our  systems that make up the large cost differences. The Standard short path distillation kit comes with a Chinese manufactured mantle, which is unfortunately not covered by a warranty.  In its place, the Precision Short Path Distillation Kit comes with our LS StirMax, a bottom fabric heating mantle, and a J- Kem  Temperature Controller K-type 210. The Warrantied Stir Max and Fabric Heating Mantle work well with the J-Kem unit to maintain precise control over material temperature throughout the distillation process.

  6. What are the Differences Between the Executive and Precision Short Path Kits?

    Executive short path distillation kits come with Lab Society scientific glassware, namely the Distillation Head (of which can be chosen V1/ V1 Silvered, V2/ V2 Silvered, and Packable).  Not only is our glassware optimized for use with higher-boiling point compounds such as cannabinoids, but the distribution adapter is also made to specifically fit our Short Path Distillation heads for minimal material-to-glass contact.  The vacuum gauge is replaced with the premium, Bullseye Digivac with Bluetooth which performs much more accurately, while boasting data logging capabilities. In addition to these alterations, there is a larger J-Kem unit, model K-type 250, which allows for dual control of the additional top fabric mantle that comes with the executive kits.  The top and bottom heating mantle, along with the Bullseye vacuum gauge, allow for much greater temperature control and vacuum monitoring while adding in an automated capability through laptop connections and data updates (J-Kem and Bullseye).