Cannabis / Hemp Formulation

Some consumer end products take the form of beverages, pills, or ingestible powders. To create these, cannabinoids must go through a process to make them water-soluble.


Preparation into tinctures, topicals, vaporizer cartridges, water-solubles, and other consumer focused end-products


Crude oil is extracted directly from plant material


Precipitation of inactive compounds

Filtration & Color Remediation

Removal of unwanted compounds and refinement of cannabis extract

Solvent Recovery

Reclaim solvent to perform further extractions, winterization, or other post-processing techniques


Polish and activate crude oil for further refinement


Purification into a highly concentrated and refined cannabinoid oil


CBD isolate is used for herbal supplement and end-product applications

THC Remediation

THC, heavy metal, pesticide, and color remediation

Formulation Solutions


These ultra-high pressure homogenizers (from BEE International) are capable of pressures up to 45,000 PSI and feature advanced technology to provide versatile homogenization.

They are designed for a variety of industrial and developmental processes, and we offer three different models to suit a variety of applications and needs.

  • DeBEE 2000 (45-60)

    Flow Rate: 1 L/min

  • Mini 45

    Flow Rate: 400 mL/min

  • Nano 45-4

    Flow Rate: 70 mL/min


The Envirostar Batch Sonicator is a budget-friendly, high-efficiency system designed to create water-soluble mixtures.

  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Compliant with FDA food requirements
  • Easy to operate with intuitive controls
  • Consistent dosing and product quality
  • 50 nm droplet size possible
  • Batch Size

    6 Liters

  • Droplet Size Possible

    50 nm

  • Amplitude

    100 um


The EnviroStar Spray Dryer is a UL-listed budget-friendly and energy-efficient system designed to create water-soluble mixtures.

The dyer is FDA-compliant with a stainless steel design.

  • Consistent Dosing And Product Quality
  • Produce up to 1.5 kg per hour
  • 50 nm droplet size possible
  • Production Size

    1.5 kg per hour

  • Droplet Size Possible

    50 nm

  • Certifications

    UL Certified & FDA Compliant

The Importance of Formulation

The process of formulation specifically deals with creating water-soluble cannabinoids as well as formulating end products that use water-soluble cannabinoids in the mixture. Cannabinoids are fat-soluble so making them dissolve in water-based products can be a challenge.

Formulation Starts with Distillate/Isolate

The first step in creating a water-soluble formulation is to procure high potency cannabinoid distillate or isolate. From there, water-soluble formulation can become very scientific and may take lengthy laboratory time to perfect but with the proper cannabinoid material and a trained formulation chemist, water-soluble cannabinoid end products can be achieved.

Water-soluble cannabinoid products are highly sought after, and they are one of the most important end products in the future of the cannabis processing industry.


The process for creating water-soluble cannabinoids begins with nanoemulsion. A common piece of equipment for creating nanoemulsions is an ultrasonic homogenizer.

The ultrasonic homogenizer uses ultrasonic waves to reduce the cannabinoids into nano-particles making them easier to emulsify. Once the nanoemulsion is made, an emulsifier is added to the mixture.

Emusliferes allow the nanoparticles of cannabinoids to bind with the water molecules in the mixture. This allows the cannabinoids to stay suspended within the liquid rather than separate. Beyond this, a spray dryer can be used to create a dry powder from the emulsified cannabinoid mixture.

Water-soluble cannabinoid end products are highly sought after and are much easier to absorb into your system than traditional edibles. Water-soluble cannabinoids can have varying degrees of emulsification. This means that some mixtures may be less emulsified than others, creating an unpleasant taste, or a chalky texture within the liquid. This is why it is imperative to perform proper R&D and ensure full emulsification to create the best cannabinoid end products possible.

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