Current Openings:

If you have a suspicion that you’re perfect for one of these roles, send us your contact information, a resume (and cover sheet if applicable) to: Or, use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to hearing from you!
– The Lab Society Team

(Written) Content Creator

– Part Time to Start

Are you an expert in extraction, distillation, chemistry, and industry practices?

We’re looking for an individual to help us with content and material creation, and this person has to have extensive knowledge of the latest techniques, and of course, knowledge on how to operate and use our equipment is a huge plus!

If you’re an industry professional or just extremely knowledgeable in the space, we’re looking for you!

Must-have skills:

  • Able to gather information (research) from multiple sources and distill accurate information into concise, written output.
  • Able to research topics weekly based on input we provide and give us results back on a deadline.
  • Great writer strongly preferred, but you’ll also work together with our editorial team.

Job duties:

  • Our team will give you topic ides, and your job will be to compile in-depth (accurate) information on those topics and create meaningful output – all within a week.
  • Deliver one finished topic per week.
  • Find ways of taking complex processes and making them understandable and simple for the casual reader, while still benefitting the scientific community.

Video Editor & Creator w/ 3D Rendering Skills

– Part Time to Start

Are you a rockstar video content creator?

Then we’ve got a dream job for you!

We’re an extremely fast growing tech start-up, and we need a seriously talented video content creator.

Must-have Skills:

  • Exceptional editing skills in a program of your choice
  • Strong knowledge of 3D rendering, preferably in Adobe Creative Suite
    • After Effects or similar knowledge greatly preferred
  • Self-starter, capable of delivering highly polished videos on tight deadlines consistently
  • Able to make educational/marketing videos on par with major industry standards
  • A keen eye and exceptional visual taste

Job duties:

  • Our team will give you information about a topic, and your job is to turn that info into a shootable script, film what’s needed, and edit and deliver the final video – all within a week.
  • Create one completed video per week, totaling four per month.
  • Create one, longer master edit (60 seconds – 5 minutes), and chop the main video into smaller deliverables, e.g. for Instagram/Facebook use.

The job is straightforward, and the emphasis is on week-in, week-out consistency.

Web Development

– Internship

Are you looking for a web development internship with a fast-growing tech start-up?

Then we’re looking for you!

We need a rising web development all-star who’s looking for a great summer project.

Thanks to our rapid growth, we need to migrate to a new platform with Python. If you’re great with the latest web technologies (including JavaScript), we’ve got a complete eCommerce project for you to sink your teeth into. 

You’ll be working under our director of technology, and together we’ll migrate an existing site to a newer, more scaleable platform. There will be significant challenges and puzzles to solve, with plenty of room for creative and original thought.

You’ll get experience and knowledge from a successful, highly profitable company with strong potential for growth.

Ideal traits:

  • 3.0 GPA or better
  • Python / JS / CSS (Current site is in PHP, so some knowledge here would be helpful)
  • Strong creative problem solver, able to devise solutions where none currently exist
  • Detail-oriented
  • Results-driven
  • Strong organizational skills, Google Sheets, Docs etc.
  • Able to respond to input from remote teams and get things done quickly
  • Self-starter / works well under pressure
  • Relentlessly positive attitude

You will learn:

  • The challenges that rapidly growing eCommerce companies face
  • How to prioritize web development for a large project (hundreds to thousands of products)
  • How to combine front-end and back-end systems for optimum UX and scaleability
  • What it takes to bring a large project into fruition

Our company was built on the ideals of finding great people and making the most out of each individual’s strengths. You’ll enjoy a friendly, highly collaborative environment with genuine, talented, and hard-working people.

Tech Support

– Full Time

We’re seeking a full time tech support/customer service representative.

While the job itself is fairly straightforward, specific knowledge of science and our industry will certainly help the successful applicant!

Must-have skills:

  • Must be patient & responsive
  • Must be able to deal with happy customers as well as upset ones
  • Must be able to effectively tackle multiple issues over the phone in a reasonable timeline:
      • Product troubleshooting
      • Vacuum leaks
      • Short path distillation kit assemblies (training will be provided)
      • Short path distillation basics
      • If needed, you’ll call companies to obtain accurate information.  
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with the consumer and faculty about issues (training provided)
      • Know the products we carry
      • Who makes those products
      • How the products work

Extras That Can Set You Apart (not required):

  • Familiarity with Odoo and WooCommerce
  • Knowledge of any of the following:
    • distillation, vacuum monitors, vacuum controllers, vacuum pumps, temperature monitors, temperature controllers, vacuum science, vacuum pumps, chillers, heaters, heating mantles, lab glassware, etc.
  • Bachelor’s degree in science preferred
  • Can work from home if needed

Our business is built on happy people – happy employees, and happy customers. If you’re passionate about helping people and you have a real flair for science and technology, then you just might be the perfect fit for this role!



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