New Partnership with Cannafreeze

We’re proud to announce our partnership with CannaFREEZE!

At Lab Society, our mission is to form strategic partnerships with key industry players to help serve our customers better and to become the most comprehensive, all-in-one supplier and partner for you in the industry.

What is CannaFREEZE technology?

CannaFREEZE systems are purpose-built to cure flower and/or biomass extractions.


Freeze-drying, or Lyophilization, is the process of removing water from a product after it has been frozen and put under a vacuum.

This allows any ice to change directly from a solid to a vapor state, without having to first go through a liquid phase.

One of the key advantages of CannaFREEZE systems is that they freeze very quickly, greatly reducing the size of frozen crystals.

While still under vacuum, the CannaFREEZE introduces heat and (at varying levels and times) and seamlessly transitions to…


Sublimation occurs when frozen water crystals transition from the solid to the gas phase, without first passing through an intermediate liquid phase.

In the freezing process, the cellular wall of the flower, sugar leaf, and biomass fracture. This allows the natural enzymes to be released, and to consume chlorophyll during the heating stage of the curing process.

The result is a more fragrant ‘nose’ (terpene levels) in consumable end products.

Here are some benefits for your harvest:

  • Better shape & size retention. ZERO product shrinkage – your flower will appear the same size as when it was originally harvested.
  • Better color & flavor retention. Expect a light green color, indicating superior product freshness.
  • Enhanced quality. Higher COAs (certificate of analysis) 3% to 4% increases of cannabinoids on average, while also preserving terpenes.
  • Your product will retain potency, look, texture, and COAs certificate levels for 1 to 3 years, when sealed or packaged correctly.
  • Avoid typical air-dried material shrinkage (usually 15-20%). Enjoy ZERO shrinkage of flower and bio-mass cured within CannaFREEZE systems.
  • Branding and marketing. Your operation will receive a CannaFREEZE certificate that signifies the benefits stated within the CannaFREEZE cure/dry system. Our clients will also receive access to product certification to place on their packaged products to showcase the benefits as described.

Model FC 100 with 30 kW Chiller Features:

  • Fast-drying capabilities of 24 hours for 110 – 220 lbs of material
  • Fully programmable automatic cycle with 19″ touch screen HMI
  • Remote access via internet and direct factory support
  • Shelf area of 112 square feet and shelf spacing of 2.36″
  • Fast initial product freezing via conduction
  • Water cooling for refrigeration system provided by 30 kW chiller

System Specifications

MODEL: FC 100 with 30 kW Chiller
Ice Condenser Capacity: 330 lbs
Ice Condenser Performance: 286 lbs / 24 hrs
Ice Condenser Temperature: -103°F
Defrost: Hot Gas
Shelf Dimensions: 39″ x 31.5″
Number of Shelves: 13 + 1
Shelf Area: 112 sq ft
Shelf Spacing: 2.36″
Shelf Temperature: -58°F to +194°F
Cooling System: Water Cooled
Refrigeration: Two Stage
Unit Dimensions (H x W x L): 86″ x 79″ x 122″
Refrigerant: R-449A (NON-CFC)
Vacuum: Pfeiffer Duol 65
Electrical: 460V 50/60hz 3 Phase + Neutral 75 Amps
Weight: 5512 lbs
Chiller Electrical: 460V 60Hz 3 Phase 26 Amps
Chiller Tank Volume: 67 Gal
Chiller Dimensions (L x W x H): 73.4″ x 30″ x 57″
Chiller Weight: 1311 lbs
Chiller Inlet Water Temperature: 69°F
Chiller Outlet Water Temperature: 59°F
Glycol Type: 25% Propylene Glycol
Chiller Ambient Temperature: 95°F
Cooling Capacity: 9.93 Tons / 119,160 Btu/Hr
Max Ambient Temperature: 108°F


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