Precision Extraction

Precision Extraction

Precision® is a global leader in extraction equipment and technology. We're proud to partner with them on bringing the best laboratory solutions to you.

We carry their top-of-the-line solvent recovery and substance removal solutions, all backed by our Price Match Assurance.

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Lab Society is proud to announce our partnership with Precision Extraction solutions.

This partnership brings both of our industry-leading teams together so we can widen our solutions and offerings. Through this, Precision® will be adding our Industrial Thin Film Distillation to their catalogue to provide customers with an American-made option that is cost-competitive to their current German-engineered offering.

Additionally, we will be adding Precision’s proprietary separation and process IP developed by their in-house R&D team of phD chemists. The addition of these patent-pending processes, that are focused on streamlining operating costs and maximizing extraction throughput, will give Lab Society the ability to provide scalable and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Combining technical knowledge and service will enable Lab Society and Precision® the ability to cross-train, and provide a better experience to our clients.

Announcing the T-SEP MODEL 7LPH

 T-SEP MODEL 7LPH is a patent-pending and proprietary process for the removal of compound-a from crude plant oil. The standard configuration comes in the standardized size of 3x 100L vessels with all necessary appendages and is capable of processing up to 7 liters of crude oil per hour.

Patent-pending Process Technology from the Leaders in Research

  • Extremely low operational cost (approx. $3.50 per liter) 
  • Semi-continuous process 
  • 99%+ removal of psychoactive substances from crude oil 
  • GRAS, instrument grade solvents 
  • 99%+ solvent recovery rate from in process 
  • Installation, equipment, license, and support included in package price 
  • Up to 7L per hour of crude oil remediation in standard configuration 
  • Non-hazardous waste streams 
  • No cross-contamination of compounds into output stream 

Equipment Included* 

  • x3 100L Reactor (ACE Glass) Includes Mixer 
  • Includes Temperature Monitor 
  • x3 Watson Marlow Peristaltic Pump 
  • x1 Huber CC308B (Hold Jacket @ 25°C) 
  • x3 Tubes 
  • x3 Sanitary 3-Way Ball Valves 
  • x3 Glass Holding Vessels 

ROI Calculator: T-SEP vs Chromatography

T-SEP is a revolutionary, patent-pending compound removal process that’s efficient, scalable and extremely cost-effective. At a consumable expense of approximately $3.50 per liter, this groundbreaking technology mitigates the exorbitant cost of flash chromatography media thus creating a lower cost alternative to traditional compound separation techniques.

The T-SEP Model 7LPH configuration includes 3x 100L vessels with all necessary appendages and is capable of processing up to 7 liters of crude oil per hour.

T-SEP provides as much as 1.7X more profitability than comparable chromatography!
Input Per 10-Hour Shift (Crude) 70L 70L 70L
Base Price $520,000 $72,000 $284,000
Quantity of Units
Units needed to achieve 70L per 10 hour shift
1 14 3
Cap Ex $520,000 $1,008,000 $852,000
Install Included $5,000 $5,000
Training Included $5,000 $5,000
Total Cap Ex (Upfront Costs) $520,000 $1,018,000 $862,000
Volume Per Hour, in Liters* 7 0.5 2.3
Cartridge Life (in Liters of Input Oil)* N/A 30 206
Filter Media Cartridge Cost* N/A $13,000 $90,000
Cartridge Life (in Liters of Input Oil)*
N/A 30 206
Assumes 75 cycles at advertised throughputs
Solvent Losses (Per Liter of Input Oil) $3.50 $3.50 $3.50
Consumables Per Liter Processed
$3.50 $436.83 $440.39
Cost per Liter based on Solvent Loss and Filter Media
Operational Expenses Per 10-Hour Shift $245 $30,578 $30,827.52
Operational Expenses Per Annum
$61,740 $7,705,740 $7,768,536.12
Based on 252 working days per annum @ 10 hour shift/day
Liters Processed Per Annum 17,640 17,640 17,640
Value Add Per Liter (Variable)
$1,000 $1,000 $1,000
$600/kg crude, $1,600/kg compound free crude
Gross Added Value $17,640,000 $17,640,000 $17,640,000
Less Operational Costs $61,740 $7,705,740 $7,768,536.12
Gross Profit Per Annum $17,578,260 $9,934,260 $9,871,463.88

Note: The information contained herein substantially relies on estimates. While believed to be reasonably accurate at time of this writing, actual efficiencies and results may vary.

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