Advanced Pump Exchange Program

How does it work?

The program consists of two simple steps:

  • Purchase a new pump

    If your vacuum pump breaks, you can buy a new pump directly from Lab Society at full price.

  • Apply for a 50% credit

    Send in your broken pump or cartridge to get a 50% credit pending a certified inspection by our manufacturing department.


What are the benefits of an Advanced Pump Exchange?

Regardless of your warranty status, all Lab Society brand pump owners are qualified for our Advanced Pump Exchange Program. By purchasing a replacement pump, you will be eligible to receive a 50% credit upon return of the pump (or cartridge) that you are replacing.

The cost to do this is nearly half of the cost of a new pump, so the whole objective is to:

  • minimize down time,
  • minimize replacement costs,
  • provide more value with the initial pump purchase.



Is your vacuum pump malfunctioning? Answer some questions to help us determine the right solution for you.

Exchange your vacuum pump

Apply for a Warranty Repair

Lab Society pumps carry a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. Use this form for non-usage related issues.


Apply for an Advanced Pump Exchange

Purchase a new vacuum pump right now at full price and apply for a 50% credit upon inspection.