Industry-Leading, American-Made Scientific Glassware

American Made Scientific Glassware for the LaboratoryWe manufacture and distribute top-tier, American-made laboratory glass. Including: round bottom flasks, evaporating flasks, burettes, beakers, bubblers, distribution adapters, bottles, and much much more.
We take great pride in our custom-made scientific glassware. Over the years, we've seen the tremendous impact that the quality of lab glass can have on productivity - for good or bad! After observing the frustrating effects of cheap glass failure in our own labs, we made the decision to only create, source, and supply the best chemistry glass in the world.

A new approach.

Unsatisfied with what was available on the market, we created our own, patent-pending designs and products.

All products with the "LS" logo are original Lab Society creations, made in the USA.

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